Introducing Phone Number (SMS) Loyalty

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ReUp is excited to announce our first of many major product updates for 2018, phone number loyalty! Our original platform was focused on custom mobile apps, but we are now working towards becoming your multi-purpose loyalty solution.

User-friendly interface

With our updated scanner app, you can easily enter your customer’s phone number right on the home screen. From here, customers will receive an SMS message containing a link to a custom branded web portal for your business. These customers can now collect points during each visit by simply providing their phone number.


Smart entry

The scanner is directly connected to your dashboard, so it automatically knows who is a new or existing customer. The scanner will autofill the phone numbers for existing numbers, further increasing the efficiency of your workflow



Customers using phone number loyalty will not only receive an SMS when they join the loyalty program, but they will also receive a message when they have collected enough points to redeem a reward.

Stay tuned for more exciting features being released in the coming weeks



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