How Butter Avenue Macarons are Taking Over Toronto

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Tina and Calvin Su are the sibling duo behind the scrumptious, Instagram-perfect treats that Toronto has been loving for over five years since the opening of their first storefront, Butter Avenue. Throughout the years at Queen and Spadina, their Butter Avenue location has gained city-wide renown. A quick scroll through their Instagram might show you why-- the vibrancy of their delicate macarons and perfect piping on their tarts make their treats look too good to eat. The attention put into high quality fresh ingredients is a key element that has come out of Tina’s training in France and at Ottawa’s Cordon Bleu… and will make you certainly glad you took a bite out of your perfectly crafted pastry.

This sibling duo is the ideal partnership. Head pastry chef Tina handles all things to do with their delicious treats, while Calvin deals with the business side of things. I had the pleasure of talking with Calvin about the success of Butter Avenue, some of his business analysis and strategy planning techniques, and finally their decision to open up a sister location, Butter Baker, at Bay and Dundas.

While Butter Baker has already opened it doors over the past few weeks after a soft-opening, it will be officially open as of Friday November 24th! That means some exciting promotions and social media competitions for you, their customers!


With a background in corporate business, and years of experience running Butter Avenue alongside Tina, Calvin has extensive knowledge of the Toronto cafe and pastry market. He shed some light on the key difference between the two locations. Butter Avenue is not the type of place customers go to everyday. The storefront thrives off of a diverse and widespread customer base, rather than a localised and loyal one. For this reason, they decided to focus attention towards Butter Baker for their loyalty platform and custom app. Butter Baker is the everyday coffee/ pastry/ croissant spot. They have already been promoting the app to customers in-store, tracking purchases and customer loyalty, and offering that extra special treatment through promotions and rewards. They have even been able to generate some furthered hype surrounding their official Friday opening involving social media competitions and prizes!

Calvin and Tina decided to diversify with a sister location for a number of reasons. Somewhat to my surprise, a large aspect of their decision came down to the desire to simply do something creatively different. They’ve mastered the art of luxury patisserie, and wanted to try their hand at something a little more ‘everyday’. Calvin’s strategy involves future growth through the years and into various markets, and Butter Baker was the perfect way to give it a shot in a different direction. They are confident that the success of Butter Avenue can be replicated and relocated, but Butter Baker is new and exciting territory.

We are wishing our good friends at Butter Baker the very best official opening on Friday! Make sure you stop by for some deliciousness and download their customer loyalty app for some awesome rewards and Opening Day fun!!   


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