Introducing Our Powerful New Campaigns

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ReUp's new campaigns are designed to keep your customers engaged and coming back, and require very little effort to set up. Here's what you can do with our new campaigns:

VIP Customers

Allow your most loyal customers to earn faster! You define who is a VIP by setting a minimum spend. Your customers can track their progress towards VIP status, making spending with you more exciting and rewarding.


Birthday Rewards

Let your customers know you're thinking about them on their special day and treat them to a free reward. They input their birthday, and your loyalty program does the rest!


'We Miss You' Campaign

Automatically reach out to customers who haven't visited in a while! There's no need to manually track their visits. Entice them to come back with a limited-time reward.


Sign Up Anniversary

Celebrate your customers' commitment to your loyalty program! Send a reward their way to commemorate their sign up date.


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