Leveraging Successful Rewards Programs



From the General Managers, Owner and Operator, down to the Baristas and Servers.. everyone knows the food and beverage industry is a competitive place, especially in a big city. Customer loyalty and the acquisition of new clients through building hype and special offerings are keys to success..

Keep your existing customers happy while also attracting more.

Seems like a no-brainer, but it’s not always as easy as it sounds. Let’s dive into some core concepts so you and your team can absolutely nail it…

loyalty program

Keep your existing customers happy and loyal

  • Rewards programs

Do you have a core offering? Perhaps you own a bakery and your hot-seller is the croissant. Or you’re a coffee shop and generate the highest revenue on hot drinks. Offering a rewards program is a no-brainer to keep people coming back. Often times, even a higher price point for a latte or speciality drink can be justified if they know they’re “tenth one will be free”.

Shoppers Drug Mart has done a really good job of establishing customer loyalty through their “2x, 3x, 4x, (and so on..) the Points Events”. They get a huge influx of customers during these events, as loyal customers are more enticed to come into the store and spend when they know they will receive more points, and hence more eventual rewards. You rarely see this happening in the food and beverage industry, but it can be implemented easily through double point days. The benefit of offering rewards as opposed to simply discounts is that it keeps people coming back!

  • VIP Offerings

Not a single person on this Earth can say they don’t love a free Starbucks on their birthday. Everyone loves getting treated well, especially on their birthday, and Starbucks has so perfectly tapped into this human condition. Establishing a system in which you know the birthday of your customer is the easiest way to craft a special offering on their annual special day, and create loyalty.

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Attract new customers

  • Buy one, get one free

This is the same as saying, “Bring Your Friend, and We’ll Reward You!”. And why wouldn’t you say that - one of your customer’s friends is the most obvious new loyal customer for your business. If Mickey loves your trendy vibe, quality food and drink offering, and excellent WiFi situation, then Minnie certainly will as well!

  • __% off your first purchase when you sign up

Maybe you’re a little hesitant to giving us your name, email, and birthday? That’s okay.. Let us take the edge off by offering you a little incentive!

If I’m standing at the counter contemplating a big $12 smoothie and sandwich order, I would be totally into the idea of getting 50% off after signing up for a rewards program. Especially if it’s a simple mobile app!

  • Social Media Competition!

Social media competitions are hands down the best way to generate buzz around your business, engage existing customers, attract new clientele, and do it all for free! Some great examples of this are:

  • Caption This Photo competition
  • Photo Submission competition
  • Tag a Friend Who You’d Love to Eat This With competition

The reward or prize could involve a free meal, 5 free drinks, a VIP card.. The list goes on.

Leveraging social media is a great way to get eyes on your business and your fantastic products. Foodies love insta, and as someone with a stake in food and beverage.. You love foodies!  





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