Increasing Your Reach with Mobile Order-Ahead

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Mobile order ahead for the service industry

Phones are a big part of our day-to-day life. When you think about all the things they do for you, you likely wonder what they could do for your business. One of the strongest trends in the mobile world is app ordering for quick service restaurants. Here’s why...

This new service allows businesses to maximize the number of transaction they process, especially during their peak hours. Mobile order ahead also increases foot traffic and customer loyalty by adding a ‘sticky factor’ and competitive edge. Customers love to order remotely and skip the line on a busy day.

Companies like Starbucks and Taco Bell are well aware of these benefits and are already using them to significantly boost sales.

Compared to in-store purchases, Taco Bell’s mobile order ahead transaction sizes average about 30% higher. Customers were so eager for this service, that on the first day of Taco Bell’s app launch, 75% of all locations processed mobile orders.

Starbucks’ app has achieved similar success and is typically viewed as the gold standard. Currently, 10% of transactions at their high-volume locations are processed via the app. Their mobile payment volume has also been growing an impressive 10% per quarter. This shows that customers are not just open to mobile app payments, they are hungry for it!

At the core of this phenomenon, we find customers are looking for convenience AND are willing to pay for it! 

Do you want to increase your customer’s convenience by combining loyalty and ordering? Contact your customer service rep for more info!


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