The 3 Most Essential Things You Can Do to Be a Successful Business Owner

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The responsibilities of a business owner are endless; resolving issues with customers, bookkeeping, market research, social media marketing and the list goes on and on. Let’s face it, you can’t do it all. You can’t try to do everything and when you do, nothing gets done with excellence . The most important job that you have is to be the leader of your team and vision for the future of your business.

Your key growth tool for a busy business owner is delegation. I know it’s not easy to let go and hand your responsibilities off to someone else but if you don’t, you and your team will lose vision. Direction and vision is what keeps a company or business alive no matter what comes. So, are you ready to delegate so that your business can grow?  Here are some steps to help you let go of the tasks that keep you from whats important.

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 Cut out what you don’t enjoy

Take time to write down everything that you don’t enjoy doing. Don’t hold back, write it all down! You don’t enjoy social media? There’s a good chance that someone on your team loves Instagram. Your time and mental space don’t have room for tasks that feel like a dread. If you don’t have someone on your team to do the job, look into hiring out. It might feel like a step back to pay someone to do a job that you could do yourself, but if you’re not passionate about a task it will take you twice the time (if not more) to complete it. Your time is valuable.

Choose your task leaders wisely

Once you have a list of tasks and jobs that you don’t enjoy, look to your staff and start delegating. Be wise on who you choose for a task. Only give leadership to those who show themselves responsible and hardworking. You want to set them up for success, so make sure that you give  enough time to complete the assignment. If you want your barista to market research on other cafes in the area, allot hours on the schedule for them to do so. This adds value to the task both in their mind and yours. Whether it’s a one time task or an ongoing task, create a work calendar and set it in stone.

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Follow up

Choose a follow up date and enter it into both of your calendars. If the task isn't complete, create action plans to remove barriers. If the task was completed, give credit where credit is due. Be intentional about acknowledging your team leaders accomplishments. Giving a gift card or publicly sharing some positive feedback is a great way to motivated someone who has gone above and beyond with a task that you gave them.

A lot of times managers and key holders want to learn and grew with new opportunities. Handing over responsibilities can be easier said than done, so try these steps with a small tasks to start. 

Delegation frees your time to plan and lead creative ways to grow your business and sales.



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