Getting Personal With Your Brand

Loyalty Strategy

brand strategy

Your brand is more to you than just a trendy logo and some flashy visuals. It is a direct reflection of who you and your company are. It’s important that the values that you uphold as a company match what your customers perceive. Beautiful design work will help unify your vision, but having a full strategy is what will really highlight your amazing product and dedicated team.

Finding purpose

What problem am I solving? What makes my offering special? How does it make my customers feel? How do I speak to my customers?

These are a just a few of the kinds of questions you should ask yourself. They will help determine things like your mission statement, your brand purpose, and brand position (how you are positioned in relation to your customers). Those things are really important because they are what set you apart from your competitors, and determine whether you are filling a unique niche.

Making it personal

Translating your values into a brand that people can connect with comes down to taking it personally. Your brand needs a unique personality.

Ask yourself what personality traits your customers find agreeable or desirable.Is my brand serious or quick-witted? Does my brand keep everything it its place, or does it thrive in an organized mess? Picking 3-5 human traits in this way can help create a believable brand.

Keeping on track

A hugely important factor in having a strong brand is being consistent. Maintaining the same tone of voice, position, and visual language ensures that people will recognize your brand. People always talk about a recognizable logo, but how can you recognize something if you have no substance to tie it to?

Good design will speak for your brand. It will take those mission statements, goals, and personality traits and distil them into a visual experience that people will want to get to know.  


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