5 of The Hottest Coffee Trends for Summer 2018

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While the upcoming, renowned London Coffee Festival will likely reveal some further trends for this season, we thought we’d get the conversation started early.

It’s no surprise that summertime brings a desire for fun variations on the world’s most beloved beverage. Iced coffee has already become as commonplace as air conditioning as a way to beat the heat, but this summer’s upcoming trends are showing there’s more to that story...

1.For the love of cold brew...
Cold brew is not the same as iced coffee. While iced coffee is prepared by simply adding ice to traditional coffee so it cools, cold brew is a whole other game. It is stronger than traditional coffee, and generally less acidic and bitter. The process involves pressing and filtering coarse coffee grounds with cold, filtered water. It requires pressure, rather than high temperatures, to allow the coffee to filter. While I love a cup of cold brew (and maybe consider myself a bit of a aficionado), I’m going to leave further explanation up to the experts at Kicking Horse Coffee.

2.Nitro.. What?
Nitro coffee is produced somewhat similarly to cold brew. It eliminates the need for high temperatures by relying on pressure to filter the coffee grounds. In the case of Nitro Coffee however, nitrogen gas is pumped into the coffee to produce a rich, creamy, carbonated texture. It can taste like you’re drinking an iced cold porter or stout! No wonder it’s a summer hit!

Again, I’ll leave further explanation of the process up to experts.

Nitro Coffee

3.A Super Sweet Treat

Generation Z, now between the age bracket of 13-18 years old, are coming onto the consumer scene in a big way, and that certainly includes coffee! To match their young and high-functioning metabolisms, they’re tastebuds (for now) tend to be a little more liberal when it comes to watching their sugar intake. These are the frappuccino drinkers.. with extra whip! They want more of this...














And less of this…












4.Blow-Your-Follower’s-Minds Photogenic 

Aligned with the Gen Z consumer influx talked about above is a desire for highly beautified products. This generation is not the practical ‘form over function’ type that you’ll necessarily see in line for a plain and simple cuppa joe before work. They want their mind, and that of their Instagram followers, to be blown by the artful masterpiece they’re about to consume. Again, it helps that their metabolisms cans still keep up with the calorie-intake of a picture-perfect treat.

5.What’s your vessel?

From the avolatte… a latte served in the skin of a used avocado

To the cafe au lait bowl… a bowl (rather than cup) of the French take on coffee with milk


It’s clear that there’s coffee trends involving experimenting with the vessel that customers drink their beverage in. This trend definitely helps tick the box for photogenic, and unique!

Summer 2018 is sure to be an exciting one in the coffee world! Looking forward to checking out some beat-the-heat-coffee treats that are uncompromising in their delicious and trendiness factor this season.




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