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It’s nearly summer time, and therefore the three (or four, if you stretch it) short months of the year where we can all pretend we live in a tropical climate with access to locally-sourced avocados, mangos, and limes! What snow?? There is literally nothing that says summer time fun more than tacos and margaritas on an outdoor patio.

The Mexican scene in Toronto has been and continues to explode since 2009/2010, with no sign of stopping anytime soon. With a consistent rating of 4.6 and above, it’s no question why an iconic staple like Seven Lives has stood the test of time. Their menu offering is short and sweet, with items written on a chalkboard in their standing-room-only Kensington location. It’s hip, it’s fast, it’s fresh, and it’s delicious!

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Some sophisticated takes on the tried and true taco can be found at Campechano. Though their menu also isn’t huge, they do what they do very well. The items are usually made right in front of you, including the fresh-pressed tortillas! Some Yelp users are calling this place the best Tacos & Margaritas in Toronto.   

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Venturing out to the Junction will mean you can taste the sugar cane sweet soda and other Mexican offerings of Al Pastor. Though it’s a bit of a hike from the downtown core, this taqueria boasts some of the best quesadillas in the city, with soft blue corn tortillas and a TON of oaxaca cheese!

The mid-towners on St. Clair West have the luxury of two incredibly authentic, family-run Mexican establishments.. King’s Tacos and Itacate. As Google might tell you, King’s Tacos has a rating of 4.4 and Itacate a 4.6. It’s a tight race, people!

The best thing about King’s is the insane portion sizes and commitment to old school authenticity. There is no existence of a Baja-vibe here, and little focus on the frills you might find at a trendy Toronto taqueria. Instead, meat and cheese are the main event!

Itacate is actually located inside of a butcher shop on St. Clair West. Talk about access to fresh meat! Everything about this place scream authentic - from the red-white-green-clad interior looking like a Mexican flag, the incredible guacamole with a punchy dose of jalapeno, the dessert offering, and the fact that there’s no real space for seating. The place encapsulates the no frills mentality, relying on fresh ingredients to wow their customers.




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