Top 5 Summer Treat Trends That Will Sweep in Toronto

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Now that the spring ice storms have made way for some warm and sunny weather, Torontonians will soon be doing what they do best - relishing in the summer months! Overflowing patios, Bellwoods hangs, and outdoor festival season is upon us as we approach the high 20s!

We all know The 6 is no safe place when it comes to relentless food trends, so buckle up and be prepared with this not-to-be-missed foodie list…

Coconut ice cream
  • Coconut

There is literally nothing that says tropical more than a beautiful coconut. Okay, Toronto may not technically be the tropics, but between July and August, we can dream! As an absolutely delicious dairy alternative, coconut will take center stage this summer. We’re not complaining

  • Soft serve

.. and it doesn’t have to be charcoal. Soft serve is a beautiful thing. Whether you get double flavours twisted or are a simple vanilla person, everybody like soft serve. While last summer a ridiculous amount of charcoal ice cream on the ‘gram, we think that Summer 2018 will be more about interesting and diverse flavours combinations such as matcha & lavender, corn & honey, watermelon & milk.   

  • Specialty donuts

This timeless classic just keeps getting better and better. With specialty donut shops sprinkled all over the city, the world has become our oyster in terms of donut offerings. This summer, Toronto will see some interesting donut trends that have come alive in New York and London - the cronut (a croissant-donut hybrid), the spaghetti donut, vegan donuts, donut centres (also known as Timbits), savoury donuts.. they’re coming.  

specialty donut

  • Ice cream burritos

All I will say about this one, is be very excited. This is a sweet tooth’s dream! Ice cream packed into a thick surround of cotton candy topped off with sprinkles.. it’s a unicorn in your mouth. Sugar Sugar is the brains behind this work of foodie art. We have our fingers crossed they move their establishment from Sarnia to Toronto for at least one or two food festivals this season!  

Ice cream burritos
  • Cider

Ahhh! The fun stuff! Cider consumption has been steadily on the rise in North America over the last five years. It’s gluten free. It usually has a nice carbonated crunch, although in the UK many people enjoy it still. It’s refreshing. And, you can totally find your perfect combination of sweet/ dry and flavour profile. Many bars in the cities have specialized in their cider offerings, such as Her Father’s Cider Bar, and found a thriving niche in cider-lovers!




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