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brand identity and marketing

You want your brand to gain recognition, so what do you do? You might sink money into marketing avenues, like Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, or local newspaper advertisements in the hopes the right consumers will appreciate the posting enough to visit your business. But these methods are incredibly inefficient and create a negative relationship with your customers (See: No one likes ads.). You want to create a brand following where current and potential customers want to consume and affiliate with your content religiously; you want to be the Pope Francis of your field. But in the digital age, you do not hold mass in an extravagant cathedral. You cultivate an audience with your digital media platform.

Media, not Marketing

It is important to distinguish media from marketing. Marketing is slogans, caricatures, online blurbs, intrusive videos, and money thrown at one off presentations. Media is content cultivated to acquire an audience that wants to read the content. This audience is going to wake up early next Sunday just to read the next edition. Creating your media outlet is creating intellectual property that builds your brand and is there forever. This material now enables your fans to consume teachings that you, an authority in your field, wrote for them to read in their spare time. What advertisements do that? None.

bran identity and marketing

Education for Influence

As the cult leader of your brand, you are the expert in your field. Your audience does not have the time or focus to accumulate the same amount of knowledge. However, they crave your insights; your direction; your blessing. In turn, your following gives you influence. Now you have fans, not casual followers, who want you to tell them what to like, what to not like, and, most importantly, what to buy. Some of the most influential people in our lives are teachers or professors who have enlightened us in a field of our interest and now it is your turn to become the teacher, be your subject coffee, fitness, beauty or sandwiches. People enjoy and talk about opinions of experts.

Presentation is Everything

So, you’ve decided to create your online presence and start up a Facebook page. But Facebook does not have your interests at heart. Every time someone reads something on your Facebook page, they are bombarded with the ads of your competitors. And this does not only apply to Facebook; all shared platforms direct traffic to your competitors. Shared platforms are platforms for your competitors to gain traction. Do yourself a favour and get your own website (or maybe even your own app). There are many cheaper ways to start generating your own content on your own terms without sacrificing quality or promoting competitors. Treat your digital media platform like it is your very own extravagant cathedral.

People are not dumb, they know you are selling something. However, providing a valuable information resource through your media outlet is a way to give back to your audience and provide them with talking points at the dinner table or on social media. We at ReUp specialize in providing this singular media platform. Our offering provides a unique means for you to cultivate a following that is not shared with any competitors. So, reach out to your cult and share your expertise, because they are waiting.




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