Creating the Ultimate Rewards Program

Loyalty Strategy


Everyone knows variety is the spice of life. The same holds true for loyalty programs. The classic ‘stamp card’ approach tends to lose its appeal over time. Why? Because a single option is boring.

The excitement and perceived value of a reward weakens each time a customer redeems it. Your most loyal customers will feel this the strongest as they visit the most. Redeeming the same reward quickly becomes repetitive and loses its excitement.

How do you solve this issue? Simple, add more rewards! By offering multiple rewards you allow customers to choose the best reward for them at the time, rather than giving them a single option.

It’s equally important to offer different the types of rewards. Having a diverse reward selection will help to cater to your customers’ many needs. If you only offer one type of reward, consider others like free menu items, swag, buy one get one, or access to special VIP events.

Tiers are another exciting way to add value to your loyalty program. Customers will naturally want to work up towards specialty rewards available at higher tiers.

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