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coffee shop owners

De Mello Palheta and Coffee roasters at Yonge and Eglinton has a pretty simple mission – making the best coffee possible from seed to cup. They’re a little outside of the downtown core, so Won gave us some insight on how to get the momentum going on a trendy business anywhere in the city.

Ask for advice

Leveraging the know-how of someone who runs a business you admire can help you reach your goals faster. If someone has already tried and tested the best tools and strategies, it’s going to eliminate a lot of trial and error for you.  

“People ask us how to start a coffee shop and we help them out with equipment.” De Mello also pride themselves on following up with training and support. Won says they also have partnerships with design groups, and it’s obvious from one look at De Mello, that they know a thing or two about good design. Asking for help can sometimes open some of the most surprising doors. 

Build relationships

Think about which other businesses relate to your offering, or share similar values. It could be anyone from suppliers to wholesalers, or a local business network.  “We have wholesale clients that recognize us and visit us [regularly],” Won says.

Having a strong network will support your business in a variety of ways. Maybe there are other businesses that can sell your product to get your name out. They may do other marketing for you in their locations, or become a repeat customer.

Customers are your best partners

De Mello doesn’t need to do a lot of marketing – they are known for their quality, and their customers spread the word. It never hurts to fill an interesting niche that will get people talking and sharing with their friends.

A friend of the ReUp team shared how she became familiar with the De Mello brand. “At an old job I often had people ask me about what the coffee siphon tasted like. I had no idea because I didn’t know anyone who brewed siphon coffees. A customer told me De Mello brews a really good siphon so I went to check it out and have been going back since.”

coffee shop owners

Having those relationships in place doesn’t mean the work is over. Keeping the momentum going involves maintaining what forged the relationship in the first place. For De Mello, it’s their obsession with coffee, and creating the best possible product that continues to draw in admirers and potential partners.


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