Top 4 Ways to Turn Your Off-Peak Hours into You Most Profitable

Build cafe traffic. Build restaurant traffic. Every business owner wants every hour to be profitable, but sometimes there are situations outside of your control that can cause your business to drop. It’s raining out, the business’ around you are closed for a holiday, there’s construction happening on your street. Whether you’re finding that your afternoons are consistently slow or there are circumstances out of your control, no matter the reason, we’re sharing the secrets to turn your slow hours into your busiest.

Identify your slow hours or days
First things first, you have to determine when your slow hours are or will be.
Daily sales - Look back on your sales from the past 30 days and see if there are consistent slow hours or days. If your POS provides you with sales analytics use that. You can also ask your manager or staff what hours are slow or look at your daily sales to determine what days are slow.
Weather - Look at the weather forecast to determine what days may be slow due to weather. For those surprise weather days you can just pull from your “weather promotion” repertoire.

Build cafe traffic

Let’s Talk Solutions and Make it Happen

Time Sensitive Promotions
 - Come in from 3pm-5pm and get 2 for 1 drinks
 - Tuesday nights only half off apps
 - Friday nights are buy one specialty drink get a dessert for free

Make sure your staff is onboard. If you’re going to have a consistent promotion (2 for 1 drinks every day from 3-5) whoever is cashing out your customers is officially your marketing rep. They need to know the in’s and outs of the promotion and they need to be ready to be your number 1 spokesperson for your promotions. 

Create signage - posters flyers, you name it. Print them and make your promotions known.
Along with signage, post on social media. Instagram and Facebook are free marketing platforms, ready to use at any time. Post a high quality photo with information on your time sensitive promotions.  Posting special promotions will also keep your audience engaged on your social media accounts.

Have a loyalty programSend SMS text messages or Push Notifications in real time and draw your customers in during your slow hours or gloomy days with time sensitive rewards and promotions. You can even send an automated message with a promotion for customers who have been away for 30 days, prompting customers to come in for a time or day sensitive discount or promotion. 

build restaurant traffic

Maximize on the weather, good or bad - Make a list of promotions that you can give for rainy, snowy, or sunny days. Create fun promotional names and images to use in store and on Social Media.

“Sad about this rainy weather? Let us cheer you up! Come in and get an appetizer for free with the purchase of a beverage and main dish”
“ Feeling the sunshine vibes? So are we! Come in today from 2-4pm and get 2 for 1 smoothies”

Themed Days  - Who doesn’t love a food Holiday? Check out the national food holiday calendar, choose a food holiday to focus on and promote it like crazy. 
- Sell peanut butter cookies for National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day.
- Have a specialty Oreo Latte for National Oreo Day

Provide Entertainment - Having live music, a games night, trivia, or live comedy are just a few ways that you can drive customers to come in on your slow hours or days

Allot a budget for a local musicians or comedians to come in and preform. If you don’t have much of a budget, you can also have the audience pass around a bowl to leave a contribution for the artist. 

No matter how you draw your customers in, being able to communicate to your customers and then reward them for coming in on your slow hours is key. With our Pro package we offer Marketing solutions, one time rewards, and much more. Our goal is to enable you with the tools to make every customer want to join your loyal fan club and make every hour profitable.




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