5 Instagram Worthy Cafe’s in Toronto


Offsite Coffee Toronto

There’s lots of reasons why you might go out for coffee - convenience, work, to meet up with a friend, or sometimes you just want to treat yo’ self. No matter the reason we’re going to share the TO Coffee shops that have an A+. The spots that you just have to visit again or at least share a photo on Instagram letting all know that you were there.

OFFSITE COFEE TORONTOPhoto Credit: @where.there.toronto

A beautifully open space with lots of windows and white walls that have regularly changing art. Offsite promotes Canadian artist’s by providing a space for art shows, live music, and pop up shops. It’s truly an inspiring and creative space to be. They have quite a bit of seating and every time that I’ve visited the staff have been fun and inviting. Definitely a cool spot to bring friends that are visiting from out of town to get a taste of coffee and local art.

You can also check-out their website for opening exhibit parties, shows, and more.

Alternative Cafe Toronto Photo Credit: @arrivedontime

Cream of Earl Grey Frappe? Yes please! If you follow Alternative Cafe on Instagram you’ll know that they are always coming up with the most delicious drink creations. The Blue Delta Iced tea is one of my personal favourites, “refreshing iced chamomile, licorice and lemon ice tea flavour notes”. I would  also vote that they have THE BEST croissants in the city! Their atmosphere is bright and warm and the staff very kind. I would highly recommend visiting Alternative Cafe.


Dineen Coffee Toronto
Photo Credit: @medyanaya

When you visit any of their 3 locations, you’ll see why Dineen is a growing brand. From their beautifully styled spaces to their delicious and diverse food menu. I did a Dineen tour, visiting all 3 locations in one week and I found that all locations have a similar feel while still having unique decor. If you're planning to make a visit on a sunny day their Yonge Street location has a patio that is 100%. I would highly suggest to plan your next Coffee date at Dineen. 

Safe House Coffee
Photo Credit: Safehouse Coffee 

When scrolling through Instagram you’ve probably seen Safe House Coffee’s famous “Hi” tile, and you have to admit, it’s pretty dope. I visited safe house for the first time last month and within minutes found myself taking a photo of the stylish floor. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the whole cafe has a cool style. Theirs unique and modern art throughout the space and you can add to it by signing the wall in the bathroom. I got a black coffee and fresh cookie when I visited that were delicious. The owners were working when I was there and they were both so kind, welcoming, and funny! My suggestion would be to get there early to find a spot in the bay window right by the “Hi” tile.

Screen Shot 2018-05-30 at 3.13.49 PM
Photo Credit: Tobia Homes

If you check out the coffee sales shelf at your local TO cafe, you might notice Hale Coffee beans amongst the bags of Coffee beans sold, but did you know that they actually have their own location? Hale Coffee has a spacious and comfortable space. Perfect for meeting up with a friend or studying. Donuts, premium coffee, and food that are all equally delicious and instagram worthy. They are my favourite for locally roasted coffee and I was excited to find that their Cafe experience is just as wonderful. You have to try out Hale Coffee!



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