4 Cost Effective Ways to Redecorate Your Restaurant

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How important is it to remodel your restaurant? What if I told you that it could grow your sales by 50% in just the first year. In the current age of social media where 69% of millennials take pictures of their food, having an ‘instagram worthy’ restaurant or cafe is a crucial ingredient to growing traffic and sales. Creating a stylish and updated restaurant can prompt customers to share snaps of your space on social media which can provide free advertising.


Once you’ve assessed that it’s time to renovate, the first step you’ll  take is setting a budget. Whether you have to take out a loan or set a timeline and save up a certain % each week, you need some assets to work with. One thing to keep in mind, it will cost you. Even if your renovating on a budget, depending on how big your restaurant or cafe is you want to make enough of a change that it will cause a buzz and excitement with your customers. To do a light reno for a small - medium size space it will cost you on the low side $2-4,000. Take time to sit down and write out your budget. If you’re able to reach that 50% sales growth in the first year, your ROI will be well worth it in the long run.

To create your budget you’ll need to make a list of renovation ideas and price out each category.
Here are the resolutions to a budget friendly renovation:


Updating the colour of your walls and or furniture can be one of the most inexpensive ways to freshen up your restaurant or cafe. Aside from purchasing the paint and tools, you can save some money by either getting a group of close friends or family members together to help you at a low cost (dinner?) or you could ask your staff if they want to pick up some extra weekend or late night hours working to paint.

It’s important to be methodical when you’re going to choose your new colour pallet. One hint - choosing your favourite colour probably isn’t the way to go.  There are some really great online resources to find up-to-date colour pallets and design inspiration:

99 Design


Minimal Cafe


Decor -

Quality over quantity. Minimal design is in! Rather than filling your restaurant or cafe with cheaper mismatched decor, having less decor that is higher quality is the way to go. Check out Ikea, Thrift Stores, or Target. Take your time to build what you want. You can slowly build your change or you can store away your finds and wait to put everything out at once to create a ‘wow’ factor with your patrons.

Art -

If you really like a local photographer or artist inquire to see if you can purchase some art or photos at a discounted rate with the commitment that you will promote their art. You can also have a changing art gallery and collaborate with local artists or photographers that are looking to promote their work. Remember that art can set the atmosphere or feeling of a space, so make sure that the artists that you work with align with your brand.  

Cute Cafe


From relieving anxiety to making people feel happy and calm, studies have shown that adding plants or flowers to a space can positively change someone's mood. In the way of decor, adding some greenery  to a room can bring life to a space. For adding some plants to your space you can

  • Stand alone potted plants
  • Succulents are a nice table piece and are low maintenance
  • Purchasing some small vases from a dollar store, target, ikea, or thrift store and breaking up a bunch of flowers is another affordable way to add some colour to your tables. Even just adding one-three flowers on every other  table can add so much to a space.

Make sure that you make a schedule to water your plants or change the water on your flowers every 2-5 days depending on the plant.

Cafe Decor

Instagram Worthy 

You definitely want your whole space to have a strong and cohesive brand, that being said, its definitely important to have that 'Instagram Worthy' spot. Maybe its a wall with a cool saying or phrase painted on it, maybe its a little corner of your cafe that has a cute chair and a plant, carving out a special focal point in a room can take your reno's to the next level! 

At the end of the day, your customers are going to your restaurant or cafe because of you, the community and loyalty that you have built. Having an amazing atmosphere and wowing your customers could be the game changer that helps elevate your traffic and sales.



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